Unmaintained buildings won’t impress the insurers

Refurbishment projects demand that you bring together all the necessary elements and combine them into a single design. This is precisely where our own company excels, having already aided countless individuals in their efforts to breathe new life into their properties. As one of the top businesses specialising in commercial interiors South East London has to offer, you should contact us when you start out on one of these projects.

Even though commercial interiors are our expertise, another service that we provide is that of exterior maintenance. We consider this to be one of our most important offerings and for good reason; it can help with property insurance. This form of cover was created to compensate for those damages and losses caused directly by the hazards included within the policy.

Standard wear and tear is a particular prohibition of the majority of contracts. However, a large number of claims are declined on the foundation that harm was more directly a result of insufficient maintenance. In truth, insurance isn’t something you should think of as a substitute to decent risk management and upkeep.

Persistent, routine, and inhibitory maintenance not only preserves the excellent condition of your premises, but it’ll assist you in making it more resilient to future losses. Neglecting this shall most likely lead to disruptive and expensive repair works being required.

Most insurers request that the insured structure is preserved to an acceptable degree and that owners take every appropriate precaution to stop damage, destruction, or loss. Suitable maintenance will aid you in guaranteeing your building’s resilience, and in stopping any disruptions before they’re given the chance to occur.

One final note we want to make is that you should inform the insurer of any revisions since the beginning or last renewal that affect your policy.

At Fusion Interiors, our exterior maintenance services include gardening, gutter and signage cleaning, painting, and more. Not only does an unkempt property look bad to insurers, but any onlookers may also gaze upon it with disappointment. Therefore, you need to do your best to take care of it.

If we can be of assistance, please let us know.