Keep your acoustics and lighting in check

Whenever someone decides that the inside of their property could do with some fine-tuning, we are the first company they should call. Being one of the best businesses working in commercial interiors London has, we can manage projects of various sizes. Committed to meeting all of your needs, ours is a team you can trust.

Countless companies out there simply don’t invest the necessary funds or time into their office’s blueprint. This is an issue, because it is the design that plays an integral part in preserving your brand’s image. It also has a big impact on employee productivity. A substandard office generates a dismissive climate, which influences employee morale, collaboration, and creativity. Your brand can also be affected, at least in your client’s eyes.

Saying this, here are some mistakes to avoid whilst designing your office.

Natural light is always the best type. If your office is unable to take advantage of it however, the next step would be to use soft lighting. Avoid bright LED models because excessive brightness results in both anxiety and headaches. Opt for orange or yellow lights if you can. Concentrate your efforts into making your space appear warm, soft, and elegant.

You will want to avoid acoustic issues too. Keeping your attention focused on acoustics is essential, particularly for open offices. After all, it’s hard trying to get anything done in a clamorous room. You’ll want to purchase acoustic substances to fit in your walls. Try not to make everything too mute though. Your employees may become uncomfortable if it is completely silent everywhere. Aim for a balance where they can feel productive and restful all at once.

Fusion Interiors are no strangers to office design. We have produced a myriad of impressive results during our time, meeting the expectations of our clients. In addition to assisting business representatives, we’ve also aided landlords looking to make spaces more appealing. Our passion and creativity sets us apart, making us a partner for commercial interiors London businesses appreciate.

If you believe that our services would be beneficial to your cause, be sure to contact us.