What flooring options are available?

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Wood is one of the most popular flooring materials for commercial projects. The right kind, in the correct set of circumstances, can aid you in converting your interior and establish a floor that will last. During the selection process, it’s essential that you consider wood’s natural constraints. Most important of all, you need to familiarise yourself with the two main types.

Solid wood

The first one is solid wood flooring. Here, manufacturers make the floorboards entirely of natural hardwood, like pine, walnut, and oak. This type of material is fitting in areas where uncurbed heat, humidity, and water aren’t major issues. To put things simply, you can fit it over the bulk of inside environments.

Engineered wood

The second type is called engineered wood flooring. These floorboards include a top layer of natural timber called a veneer. The thickness of it varies from 3mm to 6mm. All the other layers are materials such as softwood, plywood, and MDF. The result is one entire board featuring both manmade and natural mediums. This variant is appropriate for use across the whole premises, including in wet and high humidity sections.

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