Essential commercial interior considerations

If you are thinking of refurbishing or expanding on your current commercial interior, there are some important considerations to make. You must cover these prior to undergoing any major works or you could find yourself with higher bills to pay. Fortunately our team can help. We are one of the very best at creating functional commercial interiors South East businesses love.

Always start off by thinking about the most important things. For example, look at budget, time, functionality, branding to typical uniqueness, and creativity within interior design. Each of these can have an impact on what you can do with your space.

From here you can look at these important areas:


The subject of ergonomics involves the safeguarding of employees in the work place. Are they having to strain eyes to see or experiencing back pain? If there are any issues like this, as an employer you have a duty to ensure employees are comfortable. Some of the changes may be upgrading furniture and installing appropriate lighting. A comfortable workforce means a more productive one too.

Type of workspace

Similarly, depending on your office’s workspace, it has been found in recent years productivity is best when employees are in spaces that support their tasks. When open spaces are available this boosts successful collaborative work. Typical sectioned off spaces are better for private individual work.

Functional storage space

If you aim to provide functional storage spaces, employees will feel more inclined to make best use of them. This will keep your commercial interior workspace neat and tidy. Additionally, if your workplace is seemingly organised, clients who come to visit will have a good impression of your company.

Fusion Interiors have been providing commercial interiors South East businesses benefit from for 25 years. Our team design spaces to reflect any requirements and considerations, always finding creative solutions.

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