Design & Planning

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Design & space planning is where the art and science of creating interiors meets. This is where you strike the balance between your aesthetic vision and the everyday experience of the space users. It can and should be seamless, and here at Fusion Interiors we strive for that.

What makes your place into a space? The everyday, practical uses that bring it to life. Fusion understands this intimately.

Office Design

The interior and exterior design of an office can be key in not just pleasing your workers, but also makes a great impression for potential clients. Space planning is key to creating a worker and client friendly space.

Restaurant Design

Often the look of a restaurant plays into a customer’s choice in whether or not to eat there. Aesthetically pleasing, somewhere that looks nice to dine at is often is deemed to provide great food. Image is everything in this industry.

Retail Design

Our luxury space planning designs for retail properties is unparalleled in showing and understanding what look you wish to achieve. We cater to any needs in the industry and we promised to keep you updated with how everything is going within the property.

Interactive Property Design

Space planning can mean interactive design using CAD software, finding the layouts, the materials and the organisation of light and space that best suits the purpose. It can also mean consultation and research, a process of evaluating user experience and user needs through surveys and analysis.

Property Consultation and Research

You need to move an office? Let us help you plan the logistics of the move and the new layout. Need your space to comply with accessibility laws? Let us help you design layouts with the special needs of your users in mind.