How to create a space plan

Space planning is an important element of interior design processes, especially for commercial interiors. It begins with a thorough analysis of how the room can be used. A designer then conjures up a plan that defines the zones and what activities will take place in these areas. At Fusion Interiors we know the value of spatial planning and always consider it when we create commercial interiors South East London businesses will love.

Space plans can define circulation patterns that demonstrate how people will move through the building. It is important to look at these to make sure there are no obstacles or hazards. One of the most important features of a plan is the details of equipment, furniture, and hardware placement as a result.

There are some points to consider when you are deciding on the layout of a room, including:

-Perceiving space is based on body size. Different sized spaces suit different people.

– Take a look at the structure of the room, what are its main focal points? These could include fireplaces, windows or doors. If these balance out a room, you are already one step ahead. If not, you may need to do some balancing.

– Take into account the volume of furniture that will fill the space. Ensure that it is not overfilled.

– In long or large spaces, divide different zones into areas of activity whilst ensuring there is a circulation passageway for people to easily get around.

– When it comes to planning lighting and decor, take advantage of the principles that vertical and horizontal lines draw upon our eyes. They can be found to reduce or extend the proportions of a room.

– Create an unblocked view of outside to create the illusion of a bigger room. The same can be done for adjoining rooms.

– Something as simple as using a folded throw on sofas will break up their upholstered surface and add depth to the design.

There is a lot you can achieve in interior design by just applying careful planning. Commercial spaces need attentive thought to accomplish a functional space. Fusion Interiors can provide solutions, working closely with businesses to produce outstanding results.

If you need our services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today. We assure you our team have the skills to produce commercial interiors South East London businesses, their employees and visitors will appreciate.