What to consider when refurbishing commercial areas

Even the best commercial interior will need refurbishment in time. Instead of treating the idea of this process as a burden, see the changes as a positive thing for achieving business goals. If you need professional assistance to bring your ideas for the space to life, call on us – one of the most passionate companies involved in commercial interiors London has.

The Fusion Interiors team recommends you think about the following for preparation for a refurbishing business premises. Whatever the space, whether it is a restaurant, an office, a specialist shop or a bar, good design is vital.

Get answers: Before you strip out the old space, think about why it is you want a refurbishment. Is it because you believe it will provide more room for client interactions? Or more room for employees? This will help you to understand how you will get the most out of the refurbishment.

Budget: A clear idea of how much you have to spend on the project is important. It is unwise to rush in without first doing some financial planning and seeing how much you can set aside. If you do the cost could quickly become untenable. When you have an idea of how much you want to invest you can start deciding on things like materials and furnishings.

Review on your building’s strengths: What features made you most attracted to it in the first place? Whatever they are, this will help you determine what features you would like to keep.

Be sustainable: During the process and after, consider green methods and features for the refurbishment. These could help you to save a lot of money. Low-flow toilets are a good example as you will save 20% to 30% on your energy costs per year.

Fusion Interiors understand that refurbishing business spaces is not an easy and accessible task. Most buildings are structurally challenging and there can be issues such as accessibility to tackle. Fortunately our team are the best for expecting these exact conditions. We are notorious for changing dilapidated buildings and turning them into modern spaces.

If you require our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We vow you will work with a passionate team capable of creating commercial interiors London businesses will find very rewarding.