Consider chairs and keep your break area open

Designing and creating a new space is a tall order, but it’s one we’re more than prepared to take on. We have spent years within our industry. As time has passed, people have come to identify us as the leading company for commercial Interiors South East England has. No matter what your specifications are, we shall do everything we can to meet them.

Developing an office space can prove to be a nuisance, regardless of the amount of time you dedicate towards the planning stage. The situation can intensify if you have no idea what you’re doing. Sadly, this is the case for many employers and business owners. They fail to consider the entire expanse, since the workers and structures differ between companies. If you wish for your offices to thrive, then we advise that you pay attention to the following tips we’ve prepared.

Introduce some chairs

Countless designers have placed couches and sofas in their waiting areas. However, such seating arrangements can cause some issues, especially when dealing with disabled and senior clients. One of the biggest issues with couches is the possibility that they will put stress onto someone’s back. Another problem is that strangers tend not to sit next to one another on sofas. You’ll just waste room this way. For waiting spots, the most comfortable option would be a separate chair complete with un-upholstered arms. It should also have an upholstered seat and back.

Keep work and breaks apart

Something else you must do is detach work from play. Various business owners merely have the break area in an enormous, inhabited cubicle, with all the snacks and coffee on a vacant desk. This won’t suffice. Set aside an open game room or kitchen, away from both the workers and cubicles. Introduce some seating too; ones that encourage people to relax recharge their batteries.

At Fusion Interiors, we have redesigned the interior spaces of a variety of properties. In addition to offices, we’ve also worked on the likes of restaurants and retail outlets. Our broad skills have made us one of the best for commercial interiors South East England has to offer.

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