Restaurant Strip Outs

We also offer restaurant strip outs as a service which is the first stage in creating your ideal space. Whether it’s the concept design, or knowing how to deal with varying interiors such as kitchens fittings and appliances in a safe and professional way so your restaurant is then ready for a makeover.

There are many things to consider when rebooting a restaurant space. We have the machinery and have the experience to deal with the complex challenges presented by this type of work. We consistently deliver interiors that our clients can be proud of, and that your customers can enjoy in style.

Versatility of a restaurant strip out

Here at Fusion Interiors we have extensive experience in undertaking all café and restaurant strip outs. Consequently we specialize in ensuring minimal disruption to business operations during trading hours. But, strip outs are a complicated job to undertake as they are affectively taking a room and making it an empty shell.

For restaurant strip outs in particular, this may involve the removal of kitchen equipment that is bulky as well as built in seating. But the finished product means that the blank canvas can be shaped as to how you want it to look.

Contact us for more information

Firstly, we’ll survey your site and produce a quotation for the work. Your quote is then accepted and you’ll be appointed your own project manager so that you have a personal point of contact throughout the contract.

We’ll then carry out a full risk assessment before beginning work. During the strip out, we prioritise health and safety plus our ethical working processes ensure we recycle materials whenever possible.

If you wish to contact us for more details about our retail strip outs, or to arrange an appointment, head to our contact us page.