Commercial interior trends of 2018

If you are planning to update your business premises this year you may want to check out the current trends for 2018. This can give you an idea of what design touches to opt for. We can help if you need it, after-all we offer the most up to date commercial interiors South East businesses could hope for. Whether you plan on small renovations for your current office or a complete overhaul, we can work with your ideas.

What to expect for interior design 2018

This year, the focus for office interior design is achieving homely aspects. Some of these involve an movement toward cosy furniture, colours and styles. The welcoming feel of a home style is expected to be very popular. So get rid of clinical, cold design choices and welcome warmer elements.

Similarly to this, many favour recycled and eco friendly furniture. Anything reclaimed such as metal, wood or other natural textiles is good for our planet. Not only this, but using these products in your interior will leave a good impression on clients who visit your workplace. Additionally, including repurposed items will bring a sense of eccentricity. Also, try including the real deal such as plants.

2018 is the year of textures. To support in emphasising homeliness, try including puffy seats and sofas in commercial interiors. This is particularly beneficial for workers needing somewhere to have a break. Furthermore, the first choice for upholstery is leaning toward natural materials.

Not only are soft surroundings trending this year, but so is bright lighting. If these lights are used within offices, especially with contrasting furniture, it rids of potential gloom. Keeping this in mind, warm colour tones align with this and is trending across offices. Colours such as reds, oranges, warm pinks and yellows have become popular choice for office interiors.

If this year’s office design trends appeal to you, keep our team in mind. We can create commercial interiors South East businesses will love using these elements. Fusion Interiors are specialists and can oversee the entire refurbishment. We can help you achieve this year’s trends.

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