How can you make your office great?

At Fusion Interiors we understand that each office is unique and needs to meet the specific requirements of the business. Our team are highly experienced and confident we can create the best designs. In fact we have become one of the leading names for commercial interiors London has, specialising in offices.

Good office design is not just how the space looks. Although aesthetics is important, the most crucial component to the success of a business is how well the interior facilitates daily functions. If the space hinders basic tasks it can cause really big problems including lost time and wasted money.

The best office designs will support all functions, allowing easy communication and creating different environments to suit specific tasks. They will also help to stimulate the workforce, invigorating them so they are happier and more productive at work and less likely to have days off.

Investing in your office is a good idea and it doesn’t have to take a huge budget to have a big impact. Here are some important tips to consider, including some cost effective ones that won’t require a huge investment.

Never underestimate the value of sunlight

Natural light is important for performing basic tasks. It allows us to see more clearly than artificial lights and is also better for health. Making your office lighter can be relatively simple. Try taking down dividers and making the space more open. If your windows are covered with dark blinds replace them with lighter ones that will prevent glare but still allow light in.

Stay tidy

Having enough storage is crucial to a business. The last thing employees want is to be in a cramped space that is cluttered and difficult to move around. Start off by investing in storage that will allow you to keep everything organised and not cluttering desks and workspaces. Integrated options can be fantastic and help you to make the most of your space. Next be proactive with emptying bins and clearing up.

Don’t cut corners with furniture

Investing in good furniture is a very wise move. It may come with a higher price tag but if it makes your employees comfortable and requires replacing less often it is money well spent. You can even go one step further and choose furniture that is aesthetically pleasing; it will help to make the office a nicer place to be.

Think wireless

The right IT infrastructure can make an office a much more productive place. Wireless technology is good because it lets staff move around more freely rather than being tied to desks.


If you are considering investing in your office we would be pleased to help. As one of the most passionate teams for commercial interiors London has, we can bring your ideas to life and provide excellent value for your employees. Contact us today to find out more.