What building regulations you need to be aware of

The question that runs through people’s minds when thinking of refurbishing a business premises is if you need to comply with regulations. If you are adapting the interior, whether it’s for making significant modifications or necessary rebranding, it is likely you will need approval. It is wise you get permission before going ahead with alterations, otherwise expensive errors can occur. As one of the leading teams for commercial interiors London has, we can help.

The stages of commercial interior fit outs are: planning efficiently, querying building control officers, and following building regulations. Try to not go back and forth with ideas otherwise time is wasted; do it all as soon as possible. Your plan should have all the information regarding proposed drawings and projects made by the engineer or designer whom should accompany this.

Building control officers can provide you will advice relating to your plans. Speaking with them will provide the opportunity to ask questions. Also the officers may be able to give you a warranty to quicken the process if they view your plans as worthy of meeting criteria.

However, any plan needs to go through building regulations. After you have met with building control, you should be on the way to receiving approval, and then you can continue with a commercial interior fit out.

Building regulations ensure the design satisfies fire safety requirements, has sufficient ventilation, and has made steps for energy efficiency. If and when your plans are approved you can proceed; in the event they are refused you will have to appeal the case or change the plans, which can be time consuming. The majority of plans that are sent over to building regulations involve; partitioned walls, expansions, air conditioning, or for changing the use of the building.

Considerations to make when your plans have been approved range from what to do with employees whilst the fit out commences, to how long the refurbishment is going to take. Other factors to decide are if the office will be closed completely, if the building can be cordoned off in certain areas, or is an alternate building is required. Having staff work from home may be an option too.

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