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Why could interior strip outs be beneficial to you?

Being the experts that we are when it comes to both office and commercial strip outs, we possess the means to fulfil any requirements that you have. In order to produce the quality results we’re known for, our team brings together all the necessary elements and creates a wonderful balance between them. As one of the most celebrated businesses specialising in commercial interiors London has, you should rely on us to complete your project. Continue reading

Office fit out ideas

There are many methods to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your office space. As an established provider of commercial interiors South East London businesses can rely on, we will help you to visualise your design and deliver cost effective services. Continue reading

How can you make your office great?

At Fusion Interiors we understand that each office is unique and needs to meet the specific requirements of the business. Our team are highly experienced and confident we can create the best designs. In fact we have become one of the leading names for commercial interiors London has, specialising in offices. Continue reading

Restaurant fit-out tips to enhance customer experiences

As the experts when it comes to refurbishment and construction, we combine all of the aspects required for a project and turn them into a single unified entity. Be it a fit-out or a strip-out, the team will do everything in their power to ensure that things go as smoothly as they can. As one of the most revered businesses working in commercial interiors South East London has to give, you should contact us if you need assistance with a venture. Continue reading

What to consider when refurbishing commercial areas

Even the best commercial interior will need refurbishment in time. Instead of treating the idea of this process as a burden, see the changes as a positive thing for achieving business goals. If you need professional assistance to bring your ideas for the space to life, call on us – one of the most passionate companies involved in commercial interiors London has. Continue reading

How to create a space plan

Space planning is an important element of interior design processes, especially for commercial interiors. It begins with a thorough analysis of how the room can be used. A designer then conjures up a plan that defines the zones and what activities will take place in these areas. At Fusion Interiors we know the value of spatial planning and always consider it when we create commercial interiors South East London businesses will love. Continue reading

Let the professionals help with your amendments

When the inside of your building could do with some work, you will need the assistance of dedicated experts to help you get the job done. This is where we come in, using our vast array of skills and techniques to deliver fantastic results. Being one of the most revered businesses working in commercial interiors London has to give, we are the people to call when there’s a project that must be completed. Continue reading

Outline your objectives and keep everyone informed

Being experts in office and commercial fit outs, refurbishments, and construction, we bring together all of the required components to produce first class results. With all of the projects that we work on, the thing we always strive to achieve is a premier finish, with no task being too great for us to handle. As one of the most skilled companies working in commercial interiors South East clients can call on, we are the people to contact if your own premises could do with a little attention. Continue reading

Common Office Fit Out Mistakes Can Be Avoided

When populating an office with decorations and furniture, most business owners commit office fit out mistakes which hampers optimal productivity. To avoid these mistakes, it is important to know them beforehand.

Projects should all start with a thorough plan; unfortunately most businesses spend less time in planning the office fit out. In effect, some problems in construction and decorating will be unforeseen and when they arise, it will cost valuable time and money.

Assuming that the landlord doesn’t have any house rules is one of the planning loopholes. The landlord might, for example, prohibit the usage of the lift for materials and furniture, forbid noisy working, or quire the contractor to work odd hours. It is important to know and understand the lease agreement from the beginning before finalizing it when there’s still room for negotiations.

After securing the office place comes choosing the contractor. The “all contractors are the same” mindset is problematic because they specialize in different areas and had different project experiences. Thus in choosing a contractor for an office fit out, set an initial meeting or an interview to find out which one suit you best. Asking questions about the projects they’ve done before, the end result, and their specialty will help in the selection process.

Office Fit Out Budget Planning

Often contractors just give the business owners an initial estimate of the project cost. The tendency with not having a solid budget is the escalation of this cost. To avoid this, include a budget in the plan and stick to it!

Another important thing to secure in an office fit out is the power outlets. As basic as it is, power points or data points are often forgotten in planning. There must be at least two strategically placed power points in every workstation. This ensures that there are enough of them around for future use of each employee.

Lastly, managing the office fit out project without outside help is risky. A project manager, no matter how experienced, can always use external advice. This can facilitate an efficient and smooth fit out. Just as in choosing a contractor, it is of utmost importance to set an initial meeting with the professionals that you will be hiring to help in the office fit out. Inexperienced and uninformed consulting firms can cause bigger problems; it is advised to acquire the services of a company with a proven track record and necessary qualifications.

Mentioned above are the common office fit out mistakes and how to avoid them. Keep them in mind when planning; make sure you have a solid plan, as this will save you time and money that can be used for other important things. Remember that prevention is better than cure even in an office fit out.